About Us

Established in 2016, ATANG is a manufacturer focus on home use health medical product with various of product scope and important clinical reports and certifications.

We have dealers in over 135 countries with our own design patent and CE-marked and FDA examption registry. FDA No: 3015515517. 


Since our founding, ATANG has been specialized in Laser gynecological therapy series, Laser therapy watch series,Cold Laser Pain relief series,CES sleep aid series,Laser combine Tens and EMS Pain Relief Series ,Laser Nail Fungus Device.

All products are available with OEM/ODM offline. 



Here at ATANG health family, we pride ourselves in being experts in all things health tech. We understand how important the process of hair removal can be and we don’t take that lightly.


is to inspire people across the globe to live life with more self-love, self-belief & self-confidence.

We are the original at home laser therapy devices company.


that everybody is different and we want everyone to feel healthy in their own bodies no matter what social class, gender, size, nationality or age.

Years of research 

has gone into our laser therapy devices and we’re committed to only bringing you products of the absolute highest quality. You might see few knock-off brands out there but you can rest assured that we’re the real deal.


We have FDA Cleared as a medical device and CE certificate.